Bioblast Defined

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What exactly is a Bioblast?  Read below to learn how this common word is defined in the most popular dictionaries around the world.


Oxford Dictionary:

Bioblast – Noun (biology) – a granule of protoplasm thought to be capable of growth and self-reproduction; a minute hypothetical primitive organism, a protobiont.

Late 19th century. From German Bioblast from bio + -blast.


Collins English Dictionary:

Bioblast – Noun (biology) – a very small unit of bioplasm


Segen’s Medical Dictionary:

Bioblast – Noun (biology) – a very small unit of bioplasm

(1) A microscopic particle, the modern translation of which may include mitochondrion.
(2) A hypothetical unit of living matter with an autonomous capacity for growth and division, as well as stimulation of cell functions.


English Wiktionary:

Bioblast – Noun (biology) – a mass or cell of bioplasm that is a unit of living matter; an independently existing mass of living matter

bio + -plast.